Veronica Mars: Movie Review

Except for Firefly or – to a very restrained extent – Battlestar Galactica – quite a few movie adaptations of television shows (in the form of both reboots or sequels) don’t really match up per se. A prime example this writer can state is definitely The A-Team, which essentially failed to capture the zing of the source, ultimately providing yet another popcorn-crunching action movie sans any substance. This is where famed Kickstarter-funded Veronica Mars makes it’s show-stopping entry, whilst still dubiously being the weird odd-man out. Ending on an ambiguous note with the finale of it’s third season, the content has had to go a rough road to fund itself for celluloid. After all, superficially, the chances and profitability of following it up with a movie more than half a decade later would probably sound like a damp squib way before it’s even given any chances, whatsoever. So what would make the people watch this movie?

-Excerpt  from the review

How often does one binge-watch a TV show to review it’s big screen sequel? How often does one actually end up liking the sequel?

Not too often, unfortunately.

What’s the fate of this Kickstarter-funded sequel of popular television mystery-dramedy, then? Read on to know more: