The Fault in Our Stars: Movie Review

Now, not a lot of people expect a film directed toward the young-adult audience bracket – or even one featuring coming-of-age stories with these performers – to be a great film, save even a good one. The cynicism toward these films, however, is absolutely justified. Films like those in The Twilight Saga‘s entire franchise spawned a trend of picking up books not-so-well-written and turning them into films not so well-made (Beautiful CreaturesMortal Instruments anyone?). This is where the now ever-so-slightly neglected coming-of-age films and dramedies come in.

– excerpt from the review

An absolutely delayed review guys! Sincere apologies! Although if you still haven’t watched the film yet, do definitely check it out. if you’re still a bit of a skeptic with this, read the review here:


  1. Good review. This movie bothered me. Scratch that, the Augustus character did. He just seemed so one-note with everything he said, as it always felt tacked-on and just a way for him to sound cool, hip, or witty.

    1. Thanks a lot!

      Hah! I couldn’t get myself to hate Augustus so much! Although I gotta agree. This is also a valid point for those who may not have read the book. Most of his character traits come across only after the second half of the film. Having read the book myself though, my disadvantage was I knew everything, and since the movie was so faithful, I just sat there dreading everything.

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