One Chance: Movie Review

David Frankel is known for his heartwarming brand of cinema. They might be manipulative, schmaltzy or filled with more much than they can handle, but they certainly do succeed in reaching some part of the average viewers’ hearts. Films like The Devil Wears PradaMarley & MeThe Big Year and Hope Springs have had a dynamic set of emotions to deal with, but although some of them could rise up from the sentimentalism, they choose not to. Here’s the most important thing of all though.

Frankel understands the art of tugging into your heartstrings, whilst also making for a fulfilling movie watch. This is when a sweet-looking addition like One Chance comes in. A comedy, biopic and love story all in one, One Chance stands a chance to be a watchable film because of the following reasons:

  • There’s David Frankel, whose understanding of emotion is fascinating, despite his turning over to some of the obvious trappings of a feel-good movie.
  • Most of Frankel’s movies consist of amazing cinematography and perfectly placed visuals that make the film mesmerising to look at.
  • Frankel’s movies have an underlying love story that – despite some schmaltz – work to a large extent. The chemistry between Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston in Marley & Me or – for that matter – Jack Black and Rashida Jones in The Big Year worked to a large extent in driving the movies forward with their watchability.

The question, however, stands: does it score as a film?

– excerpt from the review

If you haven’t watched the movie, here’s a bit of light shed on it: