Transformers – Age of Extinction: Movie Review

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From a Michael Bay film, what in the world are we supposed to expect anyway? And more pressing than that question would be: how different are we supposed to expect the film to be from his previous directorial ventures? Considering I’ve personally has been a huge fan (guilty!) of his impeccably dynamic visual styling through the different kinds of films he’s made, I’ve fortunately been able to watch almost all of Bay’s films – right from the time of unapologetic-but-fun action classics of the likes of the Bad Boys franchise and The Rock, among others. We can all agree, however, that for the extreme laypeople, the name ‘Michael Bay’ has of late become more synonymous with the towering – now critic-proof – summer blockbuster franchise, the fourth film of which I was able to witness just last night. Bring in any of his previous films and they’ll be rightly surprised to watch his name in the credits of the movies, because – that’s right – they haven’t really heard of him (only his films) before Transformers actually happened in 2007.

And I gotta say, when the first installment released, I actually didn’t mind it at all. In fact, I actually enjoyed the film – a lot like all the other Bay films I’ve enjoyed. Then again, I was in high school. It successfully did what it set out to do: make a loud, larger-than-life action-adventure entertainer, unapologetic of its flaws and out there to entertain – no more, no less. And for me that was just fine. But when Bay and the studio decided to bite off more than they could chew with the absolutely repulsive second one – and I couldn’t get past half-an-hour of the film – they realized they had successfully made a franchise that was solid, critic-proof, moolah-raking genius. Not that the content of the movie mattered in any way, because the audiences continued to throng the cinemas for a third helping in 2011 – and I gotta say – so did I. While the third one was massively better than the second one in terms of entertainment value – and the IMAX 3D experience most definitely helped – it was longer than it deserved to be and louder than my head could afford.

“But that’s the point of these films, isn’t it?”, a friend of mine remarked. He had a point. The inclusion of a fourth film in a franchise that barely deserved three didn’t. But that’s just how I’d look at it.

– excerpt from the review by Ankit Ojha

Well, it’s a Bay film. You’ll either love it to bits or you’ll hate it. But if you’re looking for an overview of how the film actually is, then you can definitely check out the review HERE: