And So It Goes: Movie Review

And so it goes that I was at the press screening of this movie starring veterans Diane Keaton and Michael Douglas.

And so it goes that the film is helmed by Rob Reiner of When Harry Met Sally fame.

And so it goes that considering I’ve put a spin on the movie’s title thrice as of yet, you’d probably know what the movie’s called anyway.

Now, with stars like Keaton and Douglas, and a director like Reiner to boast of, this could most definitely be a movie you’d be happy to see! In a world filled with alien attacks and superheroes saving the earth (and other galaxies) – this should come as a relief, right? Well, not exactly. The problem here lies in how unassumingly boring and predictable the film looks with it’s first theatrical look itself. But of course, a movie can never be judged by its trailer. That being said, however, with a seemingly linear storyline, there’s still not much to expect from what we’ve seen. And that’s the truth.

– excerpt of the review written by Ankit Ojha

I’ll go out on a limb and say the film wasn’t great. But if you really wanna know why, read it here: