Hercules: Movie Review

Johnson: "Do I look intimidating enough?" Ratner: "Maybe we need to work a bit more on that!"

Johnson: “Do I look intimidating enough?”
Ratner: “Maybe we need to work a bit more on that!”

Let’s cut straight to the point as quickly as this movie did. You’ve got a mythical ancient Greek demi-god, the mighty Hercules, played by Dwayne Johnson – excuse the pun – rocking the invincible hide of the Nemean lion, which he defeated with his “bare hands.” Oh! And Brett Ratner directs him. What’s that saying?

Ratner, infamous for directing the most disappointing X-Men film (X-Men: The Last Stand), had a herculean task cut for him with 2014 seeing an upsurge of Hercules titles. Kicking January off with Renny Harlin’s The Legend of Hercules, followed by a Direct-to-DVD July release of Hercules Reborn, Ratner can safely be credited for wrapping up a far better rated film.

– excerpt of the review written by Dania Syed

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