Life of Crime: Movie Review

A probable poor man's American Hustle?

A probable poor man’s American Hustle?

Anyone with a deep admiration for crime legend Elmore Leonard may find some difficulty reviewing Life of Crime – adapted from Leonard’s novel The Switch – a sense of bias creeping up your spine. For this is the prequel to the wonderful adaptation of Rum Punch, which was Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown. The backbone for disappointment, thus, exists. Luckily enough, the cast and crew don’t give me an opportunity to wallow in disdain at a bad adaptation; on the contrary I left with a 7-year-old’s grin on my face.

The one downside that unfortunately enamors Hollywood at the moment is that ‘Everything has been done’. The premise of Life of Crime, therefore is not original; it can be easily argued that the plot-line has been sold wholesale from 1986’s Ruthless People. Still, don’t hold that against it.

This is a film that recreates the 70s in a convincing fashion, with characters that have used Jackie Brown as a stepping-stone rather than a hindrance. Call it the poor man’s American Hustle.

– excerpt of the review by Husam Jayyusi

Jennifer Aniston’s not Rachel anymore, the movie’s a prequel of Quentin Tarantino’s adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel – and it’s an adaptation itself. While not much has been spoken about Life of Crime on its own terms, it definitely has a lot riding on it to look forward to. This is easily a definite watch, although if this excerpt up here makes you curious and want to know more, click on the link right HERE for a detailed outlook: