Finding Fanny: Movie Review

Talent? Triple check.

Talent? Triple check.

An English-language Indian film boasting a strong cast from the Indian film industry (now notoriously known by its dubious title, “Bollywood”), about a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the latter’s heartbroken lover, a Casanova painter, and an old postman yearning for the love of his life, all in one car. A typical Bollywood film it’s going to be – friction at a high in the mother-daughter-in-law relationship as heartbroken lover broods over his belle, with Casanova painter licentiously eyeing the two ladies, and forlorn postman teaching them to sort their differences and find love with one another by means of breaking into random, synchronized dance musicals. Aha! But this isn’t your typical juicy-schemed, jealous-connivers, dance-numbers, and/or melodramatic conflict-resolution laden “Bollywood” movie at all. This is director Homi Adajania offering the world yet another winning feature in Finding Fanny, from the passionate heart of Indian Cinema.

– excerpt of the review by Dania Syed

The fact that it’s completely off-kilter from being an epic, colorful song-and-dance extravaganza that you’d otherwise expect from Indian cinema should be reason enough for anyone and everyone to check this 105-minute long Indian English-language film. But if you’d like to know more, click HERE:

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