A Walk Among the Tombstones: Movie Review

Neeson swag!

Neeson swag!

“This looks exactly like Taken, except the only difference in incentive here is not the daughter but the money.” [sic]

These were some of the thoughts of good friend and co-review-writer Dania Syed on A Walk Among the Tombstones as she watched the trailer of the film.

Was she wrong? Not at all. Liam Neeson in a dark thriller about finding people has, on its own, become a template of sorts. Pierre Morel’s Taken is now so ingrained in pop-culture that anything that faintly resembles it and features its lead protagonist will – unfortunately – draw parallels. Heck, I did manage to take a few light potshots at the trailer when I watched it myself.

So what’s the difference here then? What’s the linchpin here? One of the very important things to know as far as differences are concerned is that while Taken was an original (?) concept, A Walk Among the Tombstones is an adaptation of the tenth of Lawrence Block’s (presumably) still running Matthew Scudder novels – this of the same name. Also, while the former was an action flick that ran at breakneck pace, this is a drama-thriller that intersects upon the same themes of kidnapping and the search for answers, but delves deeper into the slightly grimy aspects of it all.

Still, if you’re looking for more reason, here’s one apart from Neeson himself: the movie’s directed by popular writer Scott Frank (Get Shorty), who, prior to this, performed his directorial debut (alongside writing it) with The Lookout, yet another widely well-received crime film. Most of this definitely tallies up to a better bet at the movie ticket, doesn’t it?

Ah, but that, fortunately or unfortunately, can only be answered on watching the movie itself.

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

The thing about this film is, I loved the trailer a lot! Yes, I did make quite some fun of it, but ultimately, I loved the overall dramatic feel of its first look; it definitely made me want to watch the film personally. But is it really worth it? That’s the question you’ll probably get the answers to right HERE: http://cinemaelite.com/film-reviews/a-walk-among-the-tombstones-movie-review/