Dolphin Tale 2: Movie Review



Family movies are a tricky business, really.

You can either go all out and make a family movie that tugs at your heartstrings so hard only people who can be manipulated go for it. And on the other hand you can try, but in the event of attempting restraint, you become so restrained that the free flow of emotion – the one thing that makes or breaks a family film – doesn’t get an entry, thereby making it a drab movie.

Of late, however, there has been a sort of lacking when it came to this genre. Feel-good family films garner a lot of audience, but when made with an extreme of stuffed plot devices in a businesslike attempt to win all sorts of audience, they garner money, but never memorability.

Over the more recent years, Cameron Crowe’s We Bought a Zoo caught many a feel-good movie lover’s fancy. My personal opinion for the film has always been – and will continue to be – that this film is such a winner, taking over the original source material (an autobiographical account based on a true story), changing it to suit the film’s needs and presenting it in a way that keeps the emotion intact, whilst also making the film expansive and with characters that can be absolutely relatable. This, apart from other heartwarming additions of the likes of The Blind Side and Ramona and Beezus have probably been a few of the only films to have hit the market to appeal universally.

Speaking of animals and true stories however, let’s come back to what this article really is about – Dolphin Tale 2. God knows that I’ve definitely been waiting to watch the movie though. A family film would most definitely be a great addition to my eyes this year, considering the barrage of absolutely zany additions this year.


– except from the review by Ankit Ojha

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