Sin City – A Dame to Kill For: Movie Review

Old wine. Old high-on-contrast, desaturated  bottle. Sorry, what's new again?

Old wine. Old high-on-contrast, desaturated bottle. Sorry, what’s new again?

Let’s put one thing on record first, the initial entry into the Sin City saga is no great film. It features paper-thin characters that you couldn’t care less about, which is a good thing, as they all end up dead by the finale. They are all glamorously disguised imitations of each other. The narrative is beyond ridiculous, which is fine as it’s based in an ulterior version of what must be New York but looks like Detroit, and it’s put together by the maestro of style over substance.


I absolutely love it. The reason is mainly because I don’t look at it as a modern film noir, but as a slice of stylized glam pop that it is. I loved its groundbreaking style, it’s high contrast feel, with bursts of primary colors. It finally released Mickey Rourke (Iron Man 2) from his cocoon like hibernation period with the character of Marv, who can only be described as a caveman with a trench coat, and it has female characters that are even more ass kicking than the men.

So, more of the same please?

Uh, No.

– excerpt of the review by Husam Jayyusi

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