The Judge: Movie Review

Downey Jr.: "I'm Iron Man." Duvall: "Not here, you idiot."

Downey Jr.: “I’m Iron Man.”
Duvall: “Not here, you idiot.”

Why would one want to watch this film?

I kept asking myself the same question when I finished watching the trailer the first time. Why would I want to watch a family drama film with a potentially predictable angle?

Probably because there was something that clicked in me. I felt an affinity toward the film unlike any other, for some reason. It felt personal, right from the trailers, which give out a vibe of old-fashioned intimacy in a family drama that’s – surprisingly – R-Rated. What, however, really matters – apart from all the emotional relevance I felt toward the film – is that the film is a test of sorts for two people voluntarily getting out of their shell.

The two in question are Robert Downey Jr. and David Dobkin.

While Downey in his post-Stark attire has been stuck with his image of a larger-than-life character, Dobkin has normally been proficient with only comedy flicks of the likes of Wedding Crashers and Shanghai Knights (the sequel to Shanghai Noon), to name a few. One can definitely argue that Downey has been around for relatively substantial roles in The Soloist and Zodiac, but you cannot ignore by any means that everybody expects a very singular trait from him in the movies. This is definitely where The Judge comes in, which he not only performs the lead in, but also finds himself debuting his journey of movie production with.

Which definitely makes this film a major moment-of-truth of sorts for quite a few people. Comfortingly enough, considering that the movie consists of the additional star power of Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga and Billy Bob Thornton, the audience has enough to expect from the film to run to a nearby cinema playing the film.

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

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