Penguins of Madagascar: Movie Review

All Hail the Tuxedoes

Wanna know more about this film? Well, it's CLASSIFIED!

Wanna know more about this film? Well, it’s CLASSIFIED!

There is something inherently pleasing about penguins; our tuxedo-clad flappers of the animal kingdom. I can’t seem to put my hand on it. They have the ability to turn adult and child alike into helpless bundles of joy admiring their ‘cuteness’. They also have the ability to make a 28-year-old endure 90 minutes in a theatre crammed with 150 screaming children without suffering a nervous breakdown, in 3D.

The Penguins stole the first two entries into the Madagascar series. It’s that simple, and it was no easy task especially when you are surrounded with voice talent that included Ben Stiller (Meet The Parents) and Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat). So viewers will undoubtedly be charmed and entertained by our flipper clad friends in their own spin off.

Sequels and prequels in the animated film genre are commonplace, often green lit before a single audience member has stepped into the auditorium. Films that are often cast into the cinematic hell known as straight to DVD (Disney’s Return Of Jaffar is an example), but some others instead get upgraded into cinematic releases, and in this instance, thank god for that.

– excerpt of the review by Husam Jayyusi

This is one movie I half-regret not being able to watch – because like reviewer of this film Husam’s stated with such simplicity – penguins. I love them. I could tolerate the atrocious Jim Carrey starrer Mr. Popper’s Penguins pretty much only because of the penguins. But as my douchey stomach infection took over, I had to skip the one film that potentially could deserve a viewing – and basically a lot more things in favor of the blog – to kick off my shoes and hit the bed to rest and change the way I eat and when I eat, amongst other absolutely random things.

Husam’s amazingly written review describes just exactly what makes this film tick (and what doesn’t). Read his review here: