Dukhtar: Movie Review

Voices of cinema - this is one of them.

Voices of cinema – this is one of them.

As the film’s title, Dukhtar emerges on screen, the letters neatly rearrange to its English translation, “Daughter,” allowing the title to – intelligently – speak volumes for the film. Complemented by the enchanting dreamscape opening sequence and its ethereal score, Dukhtar aptly sets the tone for the emotional journey it is set to pave way for.

Winning an award for Best Director at the South Asian International Film Festival, Afia Nathaniel’s Dukhtar is Pakistan’s Oscar entry for the Best Foreign Language Film, and that only bolsters the set of expectations one has from Nathaniel’s debut feature, which took years to complete from the time it was conceived.

– excerpt of the review by Dania Syed

This is a movie I’m yet to catch. Hopefully I’ll be able to; but till then here’s the review of this stunningly cinematographed road-trip thriller film by Dania, who managed to catch the film earlier than I did: http://cinemaelite.com/film-reviews/dukhtar-movie-review/