Escobar – Paradise Lost: Movie Review

Dun, Dun, DUUUUUUUUN. Oh, wait, it's NOT a biopic?

Dun, Dun, DUUUUUUUUN. Oh, wait, it’s NOT a biopic?

The life of Pablo Escobar has been amongst one of the most prolific lives anyone could have come across. Known to the public of his locality as the Robin Hood of Medellín, his origins have been way more sinister than would otherwise have been promoted around him. And Escobar: Paradise Lost has a lot of Pablo Escobar in it.

Only, it’s not a Pablo Escobar movie.

It’s a movie centered on another character and how he deals with Escobar. This piece of information should, in itself, cement the kind of expectations potential viewers of the film should have of it. I did end up catching it in its Dubai International Film Festival premiere, and although there were a lot of constraints for me on the road between the viewing and the completion of my collage of thoughts on it that I feel it’s a bit late for me to present this as a DIFF review (it’s now publicly released), I’m still going to, for all it’s worth.

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

Yes, the review took me quite a long while to put in words, but read it anyway. Apologies for the rather late inclusion, folks. Review here: