Into the Woods: Movie Review

That all-starcast though!

That all-starcast though!

So here’s an unwarranted confession: I’ve had a major crush on Meryl Streep (Adaptation) for possibly the longest time ever. There’s a possibility I still do, because I’ve been on a scurrying phase of desperation to catch up with almost all of her films.

Of course, celebrity crushes account for biases in opinions of all kinds, but here I was, at the closing night gala, attempting to figure out how to get as objective as possible about a film featuring Streep as one of the possible standouts in a rather promising musical.

But then again, Streep isn’t the only one who raises the bar of expectations. The movie features a dazzling all-starcast of Chris Pine (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit), Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect), Emily Blunt (Edge of Tomorrow), James Corden (Begin Again) and Johnny Depp (Edward Scissorhands) among other notably wonderful performers.

The one aspect that shoots the expectation levels of Into the Woods off the roof, however, is director Rob Marshall. having received an almost unanimous critical acclaim with his musical Chicago, whilst returning back to it almost five years ago with the larger-than-life Nine (which, coincidentally, also premiered at the 6th Dubai International Film Festival). While the latter wasn’t as dazzlingly praised or financially well-received as the former, it still stood its own ground with the performances and choreography, which seems to be cakewalk for the director.

There’s almost always grounds for skepticism though, isn’t there? People who remember Marshall’s last Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides would definitely agree. But with directors who’ve had an unpredictable quality-graph with movies (basically those who aren’t M. Night Shyamalan, which means everyone), you can never know.

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

Since the film marked its public released where I’m shacked up, I decided to stop any delay of the review and pitch in for the awesome Dania, who was supposed to write for this film instead, but couldn’t, due to a bunch of unfortunate schedule-based roadblocks. She’s justifiably peeved at my rating of the film – but me being the evil person I am, I just had to. Read on: