The Woman in Black – Angel of Death: Movie Review

Ooooooh cree-SHIT.... oh wait, that was just the background score. Silly me.

Ooooooh cree-SHIT…. oh wait, that was just the background score. Silly me.

The world of horror films is a rather unusual one, filled with many a sub-genre; thereby giving the makers of such films a lot to experiment upon. But then, with horror having such a wide and (I’m afraid) rather callous audience-type, the makers tend to get progressively lazier with their consecutive attempts at belting out scare-fests.

The movies earn their money anyway.

Horror franchises like Saw and Wrong Turn don’t necessarily need to be written and directed well to work financially – or even hit the cinemas for that matter. The director of the first installment of Saw – James Wan – however, re-introduced the viewers to a rather sinister lo-fi horror (InsidiousThe Conjuring) that relied more on creeps and atmospheric tension than just the horror-film-checklist. While this kind of horror has already been in existence for a pretty long time now, this gave great footing to quality horror that also doubled up to have an equally engaging storyline.

Of all the films in the genre that decided to litter 2014 (Annabelle, I’m looking at you), you’d expect the new year to help the genre rise to a fresh start, wouldn’t you?

– excerpt of the review written by Ankit Ojha

Well, second horror movie I’ve watched on the big screen – in my LIFE. Wanna know how I thought it was? Here you go: