’71: Movie Review

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Probably one of the simplest, most to-the-point titles I've seen in a while!

Probably one of the simplest, most to-the-point titles I’ve seen in a while!

“This looks like a war movie.”, someone remarked.

I couldn’t have agreed more, ‘cause the trailers did give the movie’s universe more of a war-torn vibe than anything else. But there was something about the trailer that gripped me right from the beginning of it all – it made me pine for the film.

But of course, the other reason the mass would expect something of the movie is Jack O’Connell, who stunned everyone with his performance in the prison crime drama Starred Up last year, what with the film in itself wowing the critics hard last year.

Personally though, I desperately wanted to like this film a lot. I can’t specifically point out why – but I guess there was something about it that made me cross my fingers in desperation over the hopes of it meeting my expectations. But it is this very thing, unfortunately – the extremely high expectations I suddenly had of the film – that made me fear a potentially imminent dislike of the film.

Guess sometimes things just fall into place though, don’t they?

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

I’ve got to say, this was one of the most pleasant surprises I’ve had this year. To get something more than you expected out of a film is a very VERY satisfying feeling. More of the review right HERE: http://cinemaelite.com/film-reviews/71-movie-review/