They’re everywhere.

They make us laugh and cry. They influence our thinking and manipulate our points of view. They ruin our day if they’re bad, and make us feel a million different emotions if they’re great. But mostly, they have a main thing to do, and that’s to transport the viewers to a different realm; a parallel universe where the rules may or may not be the same.

And this is where Cinema Elite comes in.

Because you’re a cinema addict if, like the little team of Cinema Elite, you love deducing them, giving them the position of more than just a movie. You’re a cinema addict if there’s a host of things you want to talk about in a film, but don’t know whom to talk about it with. You’re a cinema addict, when there’s a host of great films you have stacked up in a corner, but you’re facing an inter battle over which movie to pick. You’re a cinema addict when you know that despite being a bad film, there’s a lot to learn with the way the movie has been executed behind the camera, during and post production.

And most of all, you are a cinema addict when you love movies; when you eat them, sleep them, talk them, walk them and think them, all day, all night.

And this is definitely the place for you to hang around.


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