Annabelle: Movie Review

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Creepy Doll movie... ring any bells?

Creepy Doll movie… ring any bells?

There’s a scene in Annabelle when the protagonist sews while the jiffy pop slowly explodes. Sewing Machine, Zoom. Jiffy Pop, Zoom. Sewing Machine, Zoom, Jiffy pop, Zoom.

And then – without warning – BOOM.

I still look at my finger, days after watching the film, to see if my finger is cut.

Directed by John Leonetti, cinematographer of many enjoyable horror movies (like The Conjuring, of which Annabelle is a spin-off), such “tricks of the eye” are expected. For this reason alone, I’d have expected (read wanted) him to make a film filled with chills and scares. But alas, they are really few and far between in the film.

– excerpt of the review by Gurmeet Kapoor

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