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Retro mustache swag.

Retro mustache swag.

“Indian cinema has mostly been far, far away from making a decently mounted mainstream action thriller (keyword: mostly). The reasons to this are many – from gratuitous music appearing out of nowhere to needless, pseudo-smart plot twists and the unending characters and their subplots ruining the pace of the film, there’s a lot the more discerning audience can take their pick from. Let’s also not forget the ever-so-mandatory romance the male protagonist will have at any cost. After all, he’d have to save her from the very people he’s waging a war against when they kidnap the damsel-in-distress, wouldn’t he?


Most of the Indian films that consist of action are a part of the inevitable “bouquet” film the Indian crowd lovingly addresses as the masala film. These films have something for everyone – romance for romance lovers, action for the lovers of (over-the-top) combats and gratuitously unreal shootouts, and of course, your imperative dance number objectifying the woman to no end for the kind of audience that – well – appreciates those. These potboiler films are easy to make (because they’re almost always adapted from another Indian film meant for people who speak a different language and have a different demographic), and easier for the producers to wage their bets on, because they’re almost always successful.

Baby, the new addition to the rather dim selection of action thrillers made in the past, screams difference relative to the others, however. I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t agree, simply because of the inclusion of its rather efficient auteur Neeraj Pandey. Setting his repertoire to heights nobody would have imagined with the rather unknown (pre-release) non-mainstream drama-thriller film A Wednesday!, which set the hearts of both the critics and the box office on fire, Pandey stepped his game up only to wait five more years for the research that went into his second film Special 26, which released in the first quarter of 2013 only to surprise the audience and the critics alike. It’s only fair, thus, that I went with nothing but mammoth expectations for this film, followed only by skepticism at my own excitement for it.”

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

This is officially the second Indian film review we’re having on Cinema Elite since Finding Fanny, and the first Hindi language film review since ever (on this website, at the very least). For those who love to watch Hindi language films, here’s what you have to do – click right HERE to read the review: