Big Hero 6: Movie Review

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Baymax says Hi!

Baymax says Hi!

There’s a certain pattern with Disney animation films. There’s the heart, the humor, the fun and the redemption from conflict. That has always been there since the days that have passed, and – from the looks of it – will continue its run. But then again, in pattern, that’s how most animation films are. Even a topic as different and ballsy as Despicable Me in the genre of family animation has the obvious three-act structure that’s been almost forever dedicated to family animation. It’s no surprise thus that a film like Big Hero 6 has the usual expectation levels one can have from an animation extravaganza.

Technically though, we’ve got sound names and a sound inspiration. Otherwise famous for writing and co-writing for Disney animated movies, Don Hall, post the dazzling critical acclaim with his first co-directorial attempt in Winnie the Pooh‘s (also one of the writers) titular movie adaptation in 2011 (a journey similar to other co-director Williams, for whom – since the lovable Bolt – this is his second attempt at directing as well) had to bounce back with a bang to write and direct something different.

What one least expected, however, was Hall to go ahead and bring in something as eye-popping as a Marvel comic book series as source. And while Marvel is essentially a Disney acquisition in more means than one, this, according to the film’s producer Roy Conli in my interview of him, “[…] was always going to be a Disney animated film, and we were going to remove it from the Marvel universe and place it in our own universe.” And when you look at it more as a branding tactic, it makes perfect sense.

It’s bound to be that something this dazzlingly promoted will have lingering doubts. After all, we’ve had many cases of people not being able to measure the end product with the way they felt when they watched the film’s first look.

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

This is one animation movie I was looking forward to seeing for a very, very long time, because of many reasons. Whether they fulfilled all of my expectations can be read right HERE: