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Chauranga, Classification & Crowdfunding

Interviewing Onir and Bikas Ranjan Mishra on movies and beyond

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The poster of Chauranga!

The poster of Chauranga!

On the last day of the 11th Dubai International Film Festival, I finally got to meet one of the very few people I’ve always looked up to as one of the finest directors in the Indian Hindi-language film industry. Kicking off his career with what he calls a film based “on a family,” My Brother… Nikhil had a voice which only a rare other moviemakers at the time would give any film. Brutally honest and psychologically subversive, his career gave way to the genius that was I Am.

But it didn’t end there, and thus Chauranga (lit.: Four Colors) was made way for. Helmed by Bikas Ranjan Mishra in an impressive debut, with Onir stepping back simply as producer of the film, the movie was an extremely beautiful melange of the simplistic (in narrative) and the complex (in character structure).

Catching up with the two, we got to talk about a very diverse set of things – from Chauranga to I Am to Bikas’ own DearCinema.com, with a lot of rather introspective topics that we diverged into, this was an interview to remember.

To keep it real, I decided to keep back almost ninety percent of the interview – which is now broken down into three parts. Follow the below links to go through the interview’s whole course.

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