Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: Movie Review

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"Look Ma! I'm riding a horse! Oh also I have a gun!"

“Look Ma! I’m riding a horse! Oh also I have a gun!”

When you walk into a theatre bearing the poster of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes outside, you brace yourself for 130 minutes of loud, dramatic action. When you get to your seat, you wonder, Perhaps I’m in for more than just a face-off for the title of Earth’s most dominant species. And once you put your 3D glasses on – if you watch it in 3D, that is – you’re in for some spectacular visuals and Ape CGI’s. Truth is, there’s not more to the film than just this – man vs. ape. Again.

Matt Reeves took on the reins for this blockbuster sequel, which is inching close to raking in $200 million at the box office, after leaving the development project of a movie based on television’s The Twilight Zone. Having previously been in the director’s chair for monster movie Cloverfield and, more recently, the romantic horror Let Me In – a remake of a Swedish movie – expectations run in limbo. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, however, has clearly proven to be Reeves’s most successful work till date.

– excerpt of the review written by Dania Syed

The verdict is clearly out. But for those of you who haven’t watched it yet and are still deciding, check this review out anyway. Won’t do you much harm, would it? : http://cinemaelite.com/film-reviews/dawn-of-the-planet-of-the-apes-movie-review/