Edge of Tomorrow: Movie Review

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There’s something about Tom Cruise. Love him or hate him, he’s always around the scene, chasing bad guys and pulling off risky ones throughout. Let’s all agree though that Cruise seems to have put in lesser and lesser heart in his consecutive roles till date. Not that it’s entirely his fault: movies like Oblivion and Jack Reacher didn’t seem to help him in too many ways, really. While the former was a decent homage to science-fiction movies of yore, the latter was an old fashioned thriller featuring the badass protagonist-with-the-skills-and-the-attitude. While the visually impressive former had extremely mixed reception for genuine reasons of screenplay and character development, the latter had a very inconsistent box-office reception despite actually being interestingly well-directed and edited. And on the other hand there’s Doug Liman, who’s not been having a great time living up to his expectations post The Bourne Identity. While Mr. & Mrs. Smith was an extremely well-cast, well-directed romance-action caper that wasn’t really extraordinary per se, it was Jumper that gave him the ultimate pulldown, despite looking very promising. With him being back on track wowing critics with his focused execution of the adapted screenplay of Fair Game, the box-office was another story altogether.

Which makes this an absolutely important film for both Liman and Cruise.

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