Jersey Boys: Movie Review

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For Clint Eastwood to have taken on the very delicate musical genre into his own hands looked like a fairly big risk, according to the writer of this review. But oh well, who knows, really? Because as a director, Eastwood has helmed in quite a few dynamic genres, most of them successes, which actually makes this another Eastwood movie to expect quite a bit from. With otherwise nothing to superficially expect, here are three top reasons one would want to go watch the movie anyway:

  • Clint Eastwood has given the viewers enough stunners (in the forms of Million Dollar Baby, Changeling and Gran Torino) for them to expect a lot from this one;
  • Besides featuring interesting cast additions like Vincent Piazza and Christopher Walken, the trailer boasts of a fairly woven narrative structure for one to have a piqued curiosity in the film; and
  • The music of Four Seasons has been made immortal not just through their ascending popularity in real life, but also – later – through the 2005 Broadway musical Jersey Boys (incidentally also the source material for the film)

Now this movie would be quite cool for those revisiting the era, the musical group and the stage musical. However, for those who are only newly inducted into this world, is it effective? That would probably be an effective question for me to have been answered.

– excerpt from the review

Expectations aside, one would really want to know if this succeeds as a film or not! Get the review here: