John Wick: Movie Review

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Reeves: "I might not be Neo anymore, but I'm still awesome!"

Reeves: “I might not be Neo anymore, but I’m still awesome!”

“John Wick is probably the kind of action flick nobody will expectanything out of. From the look of its first trailer, it definitely manages to tick all the boxes on being the most generic Hollywood B-actioner possible, with the only notable addition being Keanu “Neo” Reeves (the Matrix trilogy), who’s unfortunately almost fresh off the disappointing 47 Ronin.

Additionally, taking a peek into the credits, one realises that the director of this film – Chad Stahelski – has been a stunt coordinator in a major set of films including the likes of The Hunger Games and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. While this is great for his repertoire, let’s remind ourselves that only earlier this year, we as an audience have seen one of the most atrocious films ever directed this year in the form of the Nicholas Cage starrer Left Behind, whose director Vic Armstrong has also been an absolutely credible stunt coordinator.

The audience, thus, doesn’t have too much to expect of this film though. Add to this the conflict point of the film being the avenging of a dead dog, and you’re further in doubt on whether this is Reeves making yet another ridiculous film choice post his last.

But then again, we as an audience need to remind ourselves that the guy’s been in The Matrix. Add to that his credible filmography in the form of Speed, A Scanner Darkly, The Lake House, and more recently his directorial debut in the form of the viscerally popcorn-worthy Man of Tai Chi, and you’ve got yourself finding at the least an inkling of a reason to give the guy (and inadvertently the film) a chance.

You… you should, shouldn’t you?

Shouldn’t you?”

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

Oh well! John Wick’s turned out to be the biggest surprise of my lifetime – the man, the movie, both! THIS film was the true underdog that won my heart both as an action lover and as a lover of well-directed films. This might not have had a mindblowing story – I’ll give you guys that – but the direction is too convincing to ignore that. Really. If you really want to know what else made me like the film, HERE goes: