Kingsman – The Secret Service: Movie Review

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Austin Powers? AWW HELL NO!

Austin Powers? AWW HELL NO!

“Who’s been waiting for a good action comedy?

I, for one, have. And Kingsman, fortunately, seemed like a damn good candidate to satiate this writer’s action-comedy craving. The Achilles’ Heel here, of course, is that most action comedies are rather limp, predictable excuses of either genre. Looking at the trailer of this particular film, superficially, there wouldn’t be much of a difference there.

Except this time, there’s Matthew “Kick-Ass” Vaughn involved.

It’s not always that one’s bestowed upon the responsibility of directing a then-reboot of the X-Men franchise – that, at a time when it desperately needed the critical respite it was flailing to get.

Vaughn brought the whole, rather derailing, franchise back on its track; ready to roll.

That’s not really what he’s solely known for though. Having kicked off his career with the English crime thriller Layer Cake, he swiftly moved over to fantasy with the well-received Stardust  before shifting gears yet again by giving the viewers Kick-Ass, which went on to be one of the most entertaining action-comedies of its time.

It’s no big surprise thus, that Vaughn would return to partner with Millar and adapt yet another one of his comic books into a film. Pitch Colin Firth, Mark Strong and Samuel Jackson in the mix, and you’ve got yourself a very interesting set of people to expect something (read “a lot”) from.

The problem, however, lies with expecting anything.

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This definitely looked like my kind of action movie. Subtly self-aware? Check. Spy film? Check. Action comedy? Check. Great cast? Check. And despite my skepticism with the trailer, one of the biggest plus points that really made me pine for the film to be a good one was Matthew Vaughn, whose collaboration with Mark Millar gave us Kick-Ass.

And I don’t need to tell you how that goes, do I?

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