Let’s Be Cops: Movie Review

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Ah, for the Field is not Green on the other side of the screen!

Ah, for the Field is not Green on the other side of the screen!

“You’ve been watching too many movies,” goes a line in Let’s Be Cops. It’s almost as if my heart was speaking to the filmmakers behind this Luke Greenfield comedy, only adding the phrase “and TV shows!” to the former sentence, as20th Century Fox brings together stars we have all seen on our tellies – oh, and mostly on their own shows (surprise, surprise!) – and assembles a cast for a film.

Co-stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. of the Fox television sitcom New Girl – whose fourth season is set to air next month – hit the big screen, accompanied by Nina Dobrev (television’s The Vampire Diaries), and Rob Riggle, whom we know as Officer Franklin from The Hangover. One would expect the admirably familiar faces of Johnson and Wayans to give you 104 minutes of Real Fun. But sadly, getting through these 104 minutes is – as the film’s tagline promises – Real Trouble!

– excerpt of the review written by Dania Syed

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