Nightcrawler: Movie Review

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The ruthlessness of visual media, right here, ladies and gentlemen!

The ruthlessness of visual media, right here, ladies and gentlemen!

Post Prisoners and Enemy – both Denis Villeneuve films – there’s been a lot riding on Jake Gyllenhaal and the kind of projects he’s been picking to involve himself in. When Nightcrawler was thus announced, it definitely piqued my interest tenfold. Unsurprisingly enough, almost, as the trailer dropped in – and boy was it spot on – I was in for the ride already.

But for the more discerning potential audience, Dan Gilroy might not be as attractive a credit in the world of unadulterated cinema as may have been expected. While he’s had some ups in the field of writing in the form of mild pushes in his career with The Fall and Real Steel, he didn’t really start off that way. Involved in such damp squibs of projects like Freejack, Chasers and Two for the Money. Of course, there was also the mixed-bag of a fourth film in the Jason Bourne franchise that shot off on a very middle-of-the-road tangent. Should Nightcrawler (also his debut directorial venture) turn out a commendable watch, this would – on a personal level – definitely be an extremely redeeming factor in this Gilroy brother’s career.

The question, however, remains – is this as good as the extremely promising promotional material has given it out to be?

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

This was most definitely on my list of must-watch movies this year. When it hit the theatres around me, I was naturally overjoyed, and my excitement could not be contained. But did it turn out to fulfill my expectations? more on that HERE: