Step Up – All In: Movie Review

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I’ma earn som box-office dough by shown’ y’all some moooooooves!

So what’s one of the biggest problems with dance movies? The fact that apart from having some absolutely rad camerawork and explosively detailed set-pieces full of superb choreography, there’s very little to offer in terms of story or emotional depth. As a highly popular dance-musical franchise, step Up has successfully proven to the viewers that as long as it’s out to achieve what it achieves, nobody would give a single damn to the storyline or the performances of the film. Who cares anyway? Well, in the case of this writer, who’s watched all of the previous films in the said franchise, there are a few flying you-know-whats actually given about the film.

But let’s have a recap before we begin. The first instalment – starring the now popular Channing Tatum – gave way to the second and third, with dance moves that would generate successively higher doses of excitement and simultaneously make the makers stop caring about the threadbare plot in the following films – considering the first one did so well anyway. But that seems to be the point of these films anyway – to invite viewers to watch the exuberance and the art of dancing on the big screen. The latest gimmick though has been to give the films the additional support of 3D. Again, that unfortunately doesn’t say much for the film – considering the 3D used is its seeming crutch.

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