The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Movie Review

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We had X-Men, where franchise started on a thrilling note, giving an innate human element at a time where the genre had exactly this ingredient missing from it. Singer gave the films and their protagonists an identity (that Ratner would later brutally murder). For these reasons, as also the rise of Batman’s Dark Knight phase helmed by Christopher Nolan, Sony would gear for (and I would echo) a decision to retell the story with some grit and a few humane complexities. The movie’s first chapter would release to a mostly positive initial response, and some dislike, which would eventually grow to form appreciation in favour of the previous trilogy than the current retelling. This, the writer of this article may not be able to fathom. Let’s now cut it to two years later.

– Excerpt from the review

The rebooted universe of director Marc Webb’s (of (500) Days of Summer fame) The Amazing Spider-Man gets a sequel. Starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, the sequel definitely has a lot riding on it, as well as a lot to fulfil. Whether it does or not is definitely for you to read.

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