The Boxtrolls: Movie Review

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"We're here! We're... we're- uh!"

“We’re here! We’re… we’re- uh!”

“Where are the rivers of blood and mountains of bones? I was promised mountains of bones!” cries a manic 10-year-old “Winnie” as she stumbles across the Boxtrolls’ lair, much to the grotesque amusement of viewers. Don’t be alarmed though, you aren’t being promised any blood or bones!

As it continues to establish its base in the animation industry, stop-motion studio Laika follows up its successful preceding features, Coraline and ParaNorman with a kooky family musing, The Boxtrolls. Personally, I anticipated a Tarzan-meets-Wall-E-meets-Mowgli-meets-Minions-inspired fable, promising some gratifying family entertainment. Soften the latter expectation a tad, and you will come out of this film grinning ear to ear.

– excerpt of the review by Dania Syed

Animation films come and go, but the important question to ask here would most definitely be is this makes the cut amongst the ones that hold repeat value. Considering Laika, however, we should definitely be expecting some surprises out the movie’s kitty, shouldn’t we? Well, to know whether there are surprises enough, read Dania’s review right HERE: