The Guest: Movie Review

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Horror? Home-Invasion thriller? Popcorn Action movie? You'll never know till you do...

Horror? Home-Invasion thriller? Popcorn Action movie? You’ll never know till you do…

For a film like The Guest, the promotion material does end up giving its potential viewer a dangerously mixed vibe. Progressive-straightforward home-invasion action thriller? Been there, seen it all. Additionally, the only expectational big-ticket here is popular television series Downton Abbey‘s Daniel “Dan” Stevens, whose last film was A Walk Among the Tombstones, released only very recently.

Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find out that there’s another reason to hit the theatres to watch the film: the director-writer duo of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, who previously won the critics over with their rather witty, self-aware homage to the slasher-horror genre in You’re Next. In what looks like a return to movie homages, The Guest makes it way looking – from its promotional material itself – like a snappy 80s genre film type.

The question though, is that is it really? For all I know, while some trailers have been extremely generic with the way their content is placed, there are others which are more suitable for the film. What struck me nevertheless – way before I watched the film – was that the makers were desperately trying to hide something very important, thereby obviously handicapping the trailer producers of a lot of key promo worthy shots (of which they’ve definitely attempted to use a good handful).

It could be a trap too; might I daresay. You go in expecting something and you come out getting something completely different. And while this can be a good thing, there’s loads of chances at it being a terrible thing as well.

– excerpt of the review by Ankit Ojha

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