The Hunger Games – Mockingjay Part 1: Movie Review

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I had a certain energy drink. It gave me wings.

I had a certain energy drink. It gave me wings.

“Miss Everdeen, it is the things we love most that destroy us,” is President Snow’s sneering remark to Katniss in the trailer, which sets the tone for the first penultimate chapter of The Hunger Games trilogy’s epic finale. Taking its foot off the action – because Katniss literally shattered the games forever – the The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 (or just ‘Mockingjay 1’) dives deeper into a darker sea of political uprising. Riding high on its success from the first two films, expectations from the franchise’s ‘opening’ to its finale run high and rightly so – there is much to be learned about the fates of Miss Everdeen, her loved ones, and her home, District 12.

For the loyal readers who know how it all goes down, the real suspense probably lies in where director Francis Lawrence will pull the dreaded handbrake on this placeholder for Part 2. For them and franchise-followers alike, Mockingjay 1 is no longer about action-packed games of survival, rather conquering a battle torn between being personally driven and politically motivated.

– excerpt of the review by Dania Syed

We fought dibs on Mockingjay 1, no kidding. The both of us love Jennifer Lawrence, but you could hear my heart shattering from miles away when Dania was successful at claiming dibs on the first part! However, I just sneakily decided to throw dibs on Mockingjay 2 as sweet, sweet revenge. You’ll be able to hear the evil laughter miles away too.

Coming back to life, and reality, and less of dramatization, here we go with Dania’s terrific review of a movie that quite obviously shifts gears. To know more of what she thinks of the film and how it’s been made (and with precisely what in mind), read the review HERE: