“There’s a certain legacy element to what we do.” – Roy Conli

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"I think when an animated film comes out, the general audience is as excited as kids."

“I think when an animated film comes out, the general audience is as excited as kids.”

Sometimes the most memorable events are best left unprecedented.

The interview you’re about to read right now was this close to not happening at all. But when events do come to fore, they’ve got to stay and do their part. This interview was bound to happen; only not in the way our team expected it to. But that’s life, isn’t it?

Roy Conli, producer of such Disney animation extravaganzas as Tangled and Treasure Planet, besides donning the role of co-producer on The Hunchback of Notre Dame, was a presence at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival this year, pushing forward his upcoming production Big Hero 6 – a futuristic sci-fi-superhero fantasy animation film based off the characters of a six-part Marvel comic book series of the same name.

Now, only the hardcore comic-book geeks would know of this interestingly varied set of characters – of which Hiro and Baymax are the apparent protagonists in the film – but for those who don’t as much in comparison to the more attractive Avengers initiative, the adaptation of which to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now the big-ticket box-office draw, this move will definitely have raised a bunch of eyeballs; myself particularly on a slightly technical level.

This is particularly why I was absolutely eager to do this interview, apart from the other obvious reason of this landing up to be the first feature. The interview can be read here: http://cinemaelite.com/features/dont-limit-yourself-to-just-moving-that-character-inhabit-the-character-roy-conli/