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Third Person: Movie Review

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Haggis, known for intersecting story lines also through Crash.

Paul Haggis is a highly illustrious name in the film industry. He is distinguished for writing some of the most critically acclaimed screenplays, celebrated as the first screenwriter to write two successive Best Picture Oscar winners – Million Dollar Baby and Crash – and is no stranger to successfully directing the films he writes – which again include Crash, and the Russell Crowe-starring crime drama, The Next Three Days.

Following his writing and directing success with Crash, he earned an admirable reputation for creating a neatly interwoven multi-plotline film. Bearing this in mind, one cannot be blamed for going in with such high expectations for yet another Paul Haggis feature boasting an ensemble cast. However, the less you expect another critical masterpiece in the form of Third Person, his current written and directed drama, the less disappointed you are likely to be by what is otherwise a very emotionally compelling film – for most of its duration anyway.

– excerpt of the review written by Dania Syed

Haggis does intersecting story lines yet again. But to know if it’s worth it, click right HERE: http://cinemaelite.com/film-reviews/third-person-movie-review/