X-Men – Days of Future Past: Movie Review

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The biggest factor that boosted the initial rise of X-Men and its characters was  the innate human element that bound the characters in the universe to what they ended up doing. What should only have gone on a progressive rise, however, instead took a steep fall with Ratner coming in to direct The Last Stand. Despite the film’s evolutionary storyline, of course, the movie faltered highly due to it’s one-note direction.  The studios then (must have) decided on damage control when they ended up with their first Wolverine spin-off immediately after. It’s quite obvious the apparently strategical move turned out to be less damage control and more damage induction. When Singer then decided to step back in the X-Men universe with X-Men: First Class barely being in its planning stages, this writer was overjoyed for reasons more than one. Of course, while Singer still remained involved, he eventually stepped down for Matthew Vaughn to effectively drive the stunningly written content of the said film to success.

Somewhere around the line, the writer of this article secretly pined for the characters of the original series to make a comeback in any way possible. And post The Wolverine’s major hint driven after-credits set-up, it was clear that the origin was back to retrace its steps to screen after the lost glory of the first trilogy with its end.

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